History of ScholarVets

The idea for ScholarVets was first conceived in 2015 by Paul Day and Jonathon Lunardi.

Paul and Jonathon were working on the ServingVets platform as a ratings and reviews portal for all services supporting veterans and military families. Since Jonathon worked in the higher education industry for over a decade, he saw there was no source for rating and reviewing colleges for veterans by veterans. ScholarVets was born to address this need and also to help universities and colleges be able to better listen to their veteran and military connected student needs. The University of Arizona and the International Culinary Center were the first partner schools to sign up. As veterans began using the site to rate and review their college, ScholarVets connected those reviewers and developed into a social learning community and employment portal.

The first version of the site was launched in March 2016 and version 2.0 of ScholarVets launched in September 2016. Version 2.0 of ScholarVets included an enhanced user interface design, mobile responsiveness, and several new engagement features to drive community cohesion for veterans and military students at each campus.

Our Mission

ScholarVets empowers veterans and military connected students to be successful in higher education / college. We do this in 3 parts:

  1. We enable students to rate and review their college experience, creating a ranking system of the best schools in America for veterans. This helps veterans and Military to choose which College is the best fit for their needs
  2. We support students during their academic journey to be the best students they can be. We do this by networking students together based on their academic goals and majors and we have a discussion forum focused on academic content to support their learning.
  3. We connect students that are about to graduate with employers that want to hire veterans. Our top employer is Amazon.com, who doesn't love Amazon?

Our Vision

  • Ratings and reviews of colleges - By Vets, for Vets
  • A social learning network for academic success just for Veteran/Military students
  • Unique jobs and employer connections only found on ScholarVets

Meet the Team

Jon Lunardi

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Day

Chief Technology Officer

Harvey Ramos

Web Developer

Indra Feriana

UI & Graphic Designer

Terron Sims


Brandon Stone

Client Care

Nikkol Wymer

Employer Care

Dan Garza

Marketing Team

Terra Chambers

Public Relations

Karen Herson


Mary Milben