Introduction to the ScholarVets Platform:

ScholarVets is a revolutionary, patent-pending virtual platform for networking Military and Veteran connected college students, faculty, staff, and alumni together. ScholarVets creates an exclusive, private network for each college’s Military and Veteran ecosystem. There are currently 150 available colleges within the ScholarVets platform. The platform consists of a web portal and mobile apps for both Apple iTunes and the Google Play marketplace. ScholarVets is free for anyone with a .edu email address to use. School administrators have the option to upgrade their school’s basic services to full academic partnership status for an affordable yearly license fee. Academic partner schools then can communicate with their members, track data, and customize the identity of their private network to match their school’s colors, logos, and imagery.

Top 5 Reasons to Become an Official Academic Partner:

  1. More Positive Academic Outcomes – ScholarVets instantly networks every Military veteran, active duty, spouse or dependent, and ROTC cadets together based on their shared academic degree or major. Imagine being able to visually see and easily find all other veterans that are studying the same content as you are, all from your mobile phone. These easily accessible “virtual academic cohorts” increase graduation rates, student and faculty retention rates, and ultimately make better employees for companies and more successful alumni for your school. ScholarVets is focused on supporting academic outcomes and decreasing drop out rates!
  2. Recruiting Differentiator and Benefit – Military and Veteran students have thousands of choices when deciding where to use their education benefits for higher education and training. Your school can use ScholarVets as a core differentiator to communicate to prospective students that they can immediately join others like them within a trusted, private virtual community. This simulates the same camaraderie they felt while in the Military environment and directly decreases the feeling of isolation and not fitting in with the typical college crowd. With ScholarVets, you can demonstrate to prospects that they can quickly and easily find other students, faculty, staff, and alumni that are from the same Military branch as they are and that have the same the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) code as they do. Stand out from the crowd with ScholarVets and attract the best MilVet students in America!
  3. Empower Your School Administrators – Admins of the platform have full control to manage and track user data within their school’s network. Admins can create academic departments and then assign sub-admins to manage just their assigned department. Each admin can post announcements or events, send messages to individual users or multiple users, view reports and data, and customize the look and feel with unique logos, colors, and imagery. Your many admins can reach their MilVet members on the go on their mobile phones like never before possible!
  4. Leverage Mobile Phone Push Notifications – A majority of students are overwhelmed by email and simply do not check their email accounts on a regular basis. School administrators need a more effective communication channel to alert students of important deadlines, scholarships, events, and opportunities quickly. ScholarVets enables administrators to send mobile phone push notifications similar to other social media platforms, which are proven to be highly engaging and interactive. Give your Military and Veteran student administrators a modern tool to reach students anytime, anywhere and drive higher engagement rates today!
  5. Control Alumni and Recruiter Access to Veterans – Since alumni and recruiters do not have a .edu email account at your school, each alumni and recruiter must be specially invited and approved by school admins to gain access to your school’s MilVet network. These external users then can be found by students, faculty, and staff and can also post jobs and messages to members within specifically aligned academic degree programs. Increased alumni and recruiter interaction directly increases mentoring, job opportunities, motivation, and donations. All activity of these users can be tracked, reported on, and managed in a controlled manner over time. This is only possible by using the ScholarVets platform!

Demo Videos of the ScholarVets Platform:

For a quick view of what the ScholarVets mobile app looks like, you can view this 60 second product demo video:

If you believe ScholarVets could be a useful tool to network your school’s Military and Veteran ecosystem together to drive academic and employment success, then you should watch the full length product overview demo video (which is 9 minutes long) here:


is a non profit in Washington DC dedicated to serving veteran college students. It is an advocacy organization and heavily influences people in the DC area regarding their opinions of student veterans.

Contact Info
202-223-4710 is a website and web app that can help a veteran or Military service member choose the best college for their education benefits. There are many listings and some schools which have paid them to be listed and promoted. It looks as though American Legion white labeled their technology (the main part of their app) and wrapped it with the American Legion website branding, we wonder how well this has done.  The company is run by Garrett Fitzgerald.  Their website and app are very powerful and they have thousands of listings. If you are choosing a college, check out CollegeRecon. Lots of great resource articles and lists too.

Website: is a social platform for the US Military and veterans of the United States of America. You can download the RallyPoint app. Rally Point enables people to sign up as a veteran, Military members, or family members. It then connects these groups together using a social  networking function

Contact Info:

app: download on iOS iPhone / iPad: Rally Point

app: download on Android Google play: Rally Point

contact form:
call us: 646-926-2709

Connect with Us:
Linkedin: rallypointforcollaborativechange
Twitter: @rallypoint4cc

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Registration for the 2018 Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) Professional Development Symposium occurring at the Marriott Marquis Marina, San Diego, CA from 26-29 March 2018 is OPEN. Early Bird pricing expires January 15, 2018, after which normal full registration fees apply (and increase by $50).

CCME Members receive a reduced registration rate regardless. Complimentary registration codes for eligible Exhibitors and Sponsors will be distributed by Registration Headquarters. Click here to register.

  • Member: $450 (early bird) // $500 (regular) // $225 (1-day) // $400 (2-day)
  • Non member: $550 (early bird) // $600 (regular) // $275 (1-day) // $450 (2-day)
  • On-site registration: $700 (full) // $375 (1-day) // $550 (2-day)
  • Receptions/Lunches for Guest: $75 // $25 for ages 5-12 // under age 5 free
  • Early Bird pricing through January 15, 2018

Eligible for Early Bird pricing (check or credit card) only if payment is received by Early Bird Deadline

EXCEPTION: those paying with US Government Travel Card will owe amount based on registration date; payment will be automatically charged on 1 Mar 18 unless cancelled beforehand.

Hotel reservations can be made at the following link from the CCME website: http:// Please note, the Government Rate is valid for government ID cardholders ONLY, for approximately 30% of  total rooms at the Marriott, please make reservations asap. CCME or its agent will NOT contact you to solicit credit card information and/or setting up room reservations; if you receive messages of this sort, it is a SCAM. The only way to make symposium hotel room reservations is through our web-link or Marriott reservation line.