is a non profit in Washington DC dedicated to serving veteran college students. It is an advocacy organization and heavily influences people in the DC area regarding their opinions of student veterans.

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202-223-4710 is a website and web app that can help a veteran or Military service member choose the best college for their education benefits. There are many listings and some schools which have paid them to be listed and promoted. It looks as though American Legion white labeled their technology (the main part of their app) and wrapped it with the American Legion website branding, we wonder how well this has done.  The company is run by Garrett Fitzgerald.  Their website and app are very powerful and they have thousands of listings. If you are choosing a college, check out CollegeRecon. Lots of great resource articles and lists too.

Website: is a social platform for the US Military and veterans of the United States of America. You can download the RallyPoint app. Rally Point enables people to sign up as a veteran, Military members, or family members. It then connects these groups together using a social  networking function

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app: download on iOS iPhone / iPad: Rally Point

app: download on Android Google play: Rally Point

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call us: 646-926-2709

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Linkedin: rallypointforcollaborativechange
Twitter: @rallypoint4cc