Does it cost money to join?

It is absolutely free for any and all veterans, dependents, ROTC, and active duty military to join the site. There are zero costs for students. It is also free for schools to be listed, however we do encourage schools to pay to become official partner schools by designating a school administrator to manage and participate in their school’s network. It is also free for employers to be listed, however we only accept the best veteran hiring employers in the country to access ScholarVets members.

What if my school is not listed as an option to sign up for?

We apologize if your college or university is not listed! We have over 1,000 schools listed, however not all 4,000 American schools are listed. Simply click the Contact Us link in the header or footer and send us a message with info about your school. We will quickly get your school in the list and we will send you a message when it is available. We only list American colleges and universities that are fully accredited higher education institutions. It is free for any American institution to be listed.

Why do I need to use a .edu email address?

You must use a .edu email address to join up on ScholarVets. We do this to verify your membership within the school you are signing up for. When you log into your school’s network, you know that all other members are also students, faculty, or staff from your school, creating a truly trusted and private network of veteran and military connected students. We do have an option for partner schools to manually accept non .edu email addresses to enable alumni and guests.

What happens when I graduate, can I still use ScholarVets when I lose access to my school .edu email address?

Currently, we do not have an option for you to carry your account over to another email address once you lose access to your .edu email address upon graduation. We do intend to make this a feature before the end of 2016.

After adding my ratings and reviews of my school’s veteran and military friendliness, can I edit what I wrote and rated?

Yes, you can! You can access the edit ability by going to your user profile within the system.

I noticed a Follow button on other members’ profile pages, what does this do?

You can follow one or more other members. When you follow someone, you will see their posts and activity centralized within the “People I Follow” tab on your homepage activity feed. We do plan to enable a page showing each member who their followers are and also enable a member to post content only to their followers.

Can I connect with other members outside of my school network?

Currently, you cannot connect with anyone outside of your school network. We do plan to enhance this and enable users to connect across school conferences (such as the Big 12 or ACC) and across schools within the same state someday.

When will there be more employers on the site?

We are constantly adding new employers to the employer portal on ScholarVets. Many companies approach us, wanting to be involved, however we are only accepting companies that we feel have a strong reputation for positive veteran hiring practices and that demonstrate a healthy environment for their veteran employees. Currently, the best way to know when new employers are available is to check the employers page often. We do plan to enable email alerts to be customized, which would automatically send you an email when new employers are added that meet your career goals.

How are points calculated and what are they used for?

Every time you sign into ScholarVets and perform actions within the site, you are awarded points. The default point settings for all actions are 10 points per action. Partner schools have the option to customize the amount of points given for each action. Actions we track include: signing into the site, reviewing your school, posting to your school’s activity feed, replying to someone else’s post within your school’s activity feed, uploading a photo to your profile, and filling out your bio within your profile. When you click on the Members tab of your school network, you will see a list of members and these members are sorted from most points to least points. Members who have the most points are more active and engaged within your school’s community than members who have few points. Members with many points sign in often and post content often. These members are good people to know on campus because they contribute resources and are probably most open to networking. In the near future, we do plan to reward people who reach a specific number of points with ScholarVets swag, gift cards, and prizes from our sponsors and partners.

What are the benefits and advantages of my school being a partner school vs. a non partner school?

We make sure our partners are supported, trained, and we help partners with marketing and integrations to other IT systems on campus. Partner schools also enjoy many extra features and benefits because they are allowed to assign one to many campus administrators to manage and customize their schools’ pages. Non partner schools have no administrators participating in their school’s network and cannot customize any aspects of their school within ScholarVets. To view a full list of benefits - please visit Our Model page.

ScholarVets is a great tool and resource, how can I help spread the word to others at my school?

There are many ways to promote ScholarVets. We first suggest contacting your school’s SVA chapter and inviting their leadership to explore the site and introduce it to other SVA members. You can also talk with your school’s veteran support services staff or the VA certifying official. If you know other veterans or military students on campus, send them an email or a social media message telling them to check out ScholarVets. Make sure to find new members you know on the site and follow them so they feel connected to you and so you can find their posts easily. Finally, post great content in your school’s activity feed that is valuable to other veterans and military at your school. The more valuable the content you post, the more likely the site will spread by word of mouth across your campus.