How it works for students

  1. Find your college or university from our list of over 1,000 schools
  2. Create an account using your .edu email address
  3. Build a profile and identify yourself as a veteran, dependent, active duty, or ROTC student
  4. Add your ratings and reviews of your school by answering 7 questions
  5. Add a resume, get news from employers, and apply for jobs and internships
  6. Add a question, advice, job lead, test file, or something else to your school's private discussion feed
  7. Read other postings from other Military connected students and reply to the conversation
  8. Search the members directory to find others with similar academic goals as you
  9. Follow other members to see their postings in a centralized area, just like Twitter
  10. Receive email alerts of new followers and a weekly digest of content
  11. Succeed in school, get a degree, and achieve meaningful employment after graduation

How it works for college administrators

  1. Designate school administrators to manage the veteran and military members that are on ScholarVets
  2. Admins can participate in discussions, message members, approve reviews, and post annoucements
  3. Additional student features are unlocked including: full activity feed viewing and ability to interact with employers
  4. School branding is customized by adding a school logo, background image, and color theme
  5. School is advertised and promoted as a partner school on front page, partner page, school rankings, and in marketing materials
  6. Admins select which employers can be viewed by their students
  7. Social media integration and a short URL are customized for the school for easy sharing online
  8. The school now owns all student data and can export data or see reports anytime
  9. Revenues can be charged to sponsors wanting to advertise a school's veteran and military online network
  10. School administrators can track retention rates, graduation rates, and employability easily over time